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WordPress is used by over 40% of world’s websites, and such a large number is not surprising at all because this content management system allows us to build some of the most striking and user friendly web platforms.

While it seems easy to use, WordPress too has some features that can become complex to manage, especially for beginners. One of them is coding. You have to be really good with coding and must know how to play around with CSS in order to make an attractive and functionally rich website with WordPress.

Elementor streamlines WordPress website development and does not demand advanced coding skills. This is the key reason why individuals and digital marketing agencies are increasingly using this tool to build and optimize unique websites for businesses across industries.

However, simplicity of usage is not the only reason for Elementor’s popularity. It does have other qualities that make it one of the leading tools for building responsive online portals.

Let us look into some of them:


Elementor comes with a smart drag and drop editor that allows you to choose the elements you prefer from 90 widgets and over 300 templates. With such a wide range of design options, it is easy to create an outstanding website while bypassing the use of CSS and HTML technicalities.

With drag and drop editor you can create stunning slides, innovative pop ups, and any form of design. Elementor also allows for custom positioning of the website essentials and provides a wide range of fonts and colors to brand your online identity.


Elementor Pro comes with a Global Settings feature that helps you to maintain a consistency through all your webpages while also saving time by moving things faster.

Just note that with this attribute, when you create a new design, it will automatically accept the original setups. And if something is changed in the Global Settings, then it will get applied uniformly into the entire website.

Does that mean you cannot customize a particular page (or more) on your own? Certainly not! The Global Setting feature will apply the default design, but if an experienced designer wishes to change that and add some special touches to any page with new customization’s, the option is open and at Luminary Software, we utilize it wherever required.


Elementor can be an effective marketing tool to convert site visitors into repeat customers. With smart pop ups and customizable forms and templates, it helps businesses grow their audience and engage visitors. With Elementor, the website can set triggers to capture the visitor’s attention at the right moment.


As for the versions in which Elementor can be used, there are two: Elementor Free and Elementor Pro.

As the name suggests, Elementor Free is ready to use with an assortment of attributes at WordPress.org.

For Elementor Pro, the user has to pay $49 for a single website but obviously this feature-rich version comes with extra advantages. It is generously loaded with additional widgets, better design options like scroll effects and much more.

The Elementor Theme Builder in the Pro version allows you to design entire themes utilizing Elementor’s interface – this would include header, footer, blogging templates, and 404 pages, among other aspects. You may also build your own Global Settings to manage the design palette for a website. If you plan to use a WooCommerce store, Elementor WooCommerce Builder will offer the same flexibility for your shop and single product templates.


Luminary Software has been using Elementor to design myriad websites and after reviewing all its possibilities in depth, we’ve come to the conclusion that it allows us to create seamlessly functional, well-designed and responsive digital platforms in a visually refreshing manner.

If you plan to build your business website for ease of content updates, we recommend WordPress. And when a WordPress site is to be optimized with unique design aspects and marketing strength, rest assured that Elementor will give you the outcomes you seek.

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