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Sharing your business information correctly with target customers is essential for the venture’s success. And in this fast-paced digital age, a business card – that merely reflects your company’s name, contact details, and the nature of its operations briefly – is not enough to generate leads.

According to a study, over 80% of business cards are thrown away. If you do not want your enterprise’s precious details to be discarded, it is essential to document them creatively on an online portal – your personalized, lively, official website.


It’s evident that websites have more space than cards to publish all details about your business. You can have engaging Home and About Us pages to describe key details and have separate segments to share more information about your products and services.

Besides, while using cards, you get stuck with the information printed on them. If your company’s address changes or you have a new contact number, it is essential to get a new lot printed. Such details can be updated in real-time on a business website. On your Contact page, you can also add links to your social media accounts to invite more followers.


To accelerate your business growth you need to extend its reach to different parts of your city and probably even beyond the state and country’s geographical boundaries. This is another aspect where a website outperforms a business card.

Business cards can be distributed amongst a limited number of people but your website markets your brand and its offerings globally.

By reaching an international audience, a web platform becomes a marketing tool for your business in any part of the world. Even if you sell your products and solutions locally or in particular state, it helps you connect with a bigger number customers.


While they can misplace or lose cards, customers can easily access your business information through a website. Irrespective of time or location, it lets people find your brand and navigate to the detail that interests them.

Also, while some insist that a card can be easily carried in a pocket, they cannot deny that a website is ‘portable’ too. When you have a mobile-friendly website, it is not only instantly accessible, but always there with your customers – stored in the online world that they carry all the time in their smartphones.

Not only does a website make your business more reachable, it also enables you to sell and get payments straight into your bank account. With a secure e-commerce website, your enterprise augments its revenue-generating capacity and also creates better customer experience.

Having an e-commerce platform is a vital key to business success in the digital age where customers are more inclined to buy from companies that provide online shopping facilities.

You can also offer promotional coupons, discount codes and special festive deals to spruce up sales.

A business card cannot provide such advantages. By providing limited information about a company it unnecessarily lengthens the sales cycle.


By promoting your business to a wider range of customers and sharing more content, a website gives you higher returns on your marketing investment. In the long run, it also costs significantly less than any printed collateral.

Keeping your website updated with regular news, informative and engaging articles, recent business launches and responding to customers’ feedback/queries promptly are good ways to earn consistent ROI from it.


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